the quest for space-ade

The Quest for Space-Ade

mRpl was a character I invented in the original eCritters a long time ago, the earliest date I can find in hard copy is June 2004 when the game site had all but been abandoned, and we played for a few months before it was deleted by the owner.

I have been asked by so many of you what the secret recipe really is for space-ade that I have decided to share it with you. It’s kind of like sun tea here on your earth, but with a little more zing. (By ‘here’, I mean for you, since I am actually on my world and ‘here’ only as a p-brane holographic contrition, but I digress.) You set out a little pitcher of hydromix, dangle a few bags of ground dried matham stalks in it, set it outside, and let the starlight bathe it into a sparkling beverage. The timing is very precise. On earth you don’t have enough starlight, being but on an outer arm of the spiral galaxy. On my own planet we don’t actually have a ‘sun’ since our orbit wobbles slowly through a path of oscillating star orbits around a huge black hole (but not to worry, we are not near the event horizon), and we have quite a variety of names for different wavelengths of starlight, much as your indigenous northern folk do for snow. Certain areas of our eccentric path create far better strains of space-ade than others, but you earthlings aren’t able to enjoy the fine and delicate nuances enough with your crude senses to know the difference. Not to be rude, of course. But that is the secret recipe!

Space-ade can have strange effects on those who drink it. That might explain not only the socks and sandals coming off with such great emotion, but also the spiritual doctrine which surrounds it and shrouds it in mystery. Most planetary species cannot handle its ethereal p-brane plane. Humans, though, seem to have some tolerance for the drink, as do some pets. Hence, the long-range experiments. If humans prove useful,... oh, I must stop speaking here.

Space-ade cannot be counterfeited. Since my pet Spork eats only blue foods, it drinks a lot of space-ade. I'm glad when someone sells it really cheap. The cheapest one I ever found was 15 eem.

Introductory entry on p-brane reflectoplasm-

*still taking notes on human behavior--*
They continue to crawl like bugs in the slime of the ethereal plane, each absorbed in its own agenda, whether it be oneupmanship or wallowing in a sticky mire of emotion for good or ill. Very little actually happens excepting for the continual clogging of espace with useless posting. A relevant conclusion might be that each desires recognition of some sort, a way to be noticed, either by annoying others or by pretending to be kind and helpful. The point of existing in this plane is entirely lost on these creatures, as they continue to ooze around in a plethora of code for little or no gain whatsoever. However, one seems to have taken command of the deep piles of code by embedding his own code... He will soon be one with the ethereal plane, his corporeal existence withering away as he is slowly and agonizingly absorbed into the flux of electronic data storage and all its unimportant statistics and information.
*closes notebook and strides off to drink another space-ade.*

That tongue in cheek entry was made about a very real person.

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