May 25, 2005

  • LAST...

    Last Cigarette: It exploded when rTlk lit it!!! *rolling in gales of laughter* You humans are priceless, really you are. I can't wait to try the invisible ink on mSlr.

    Last Kiss: Unfortunately, pBvw tried to perform the kiss of death on rTlk after that happened, not realizing he was merely stunned.

    Last Cry: The last time I made a tear I was standing on an outer moon of SST3K8Y in the HYM system, and it froze solid. I was quite helpless until a rescue team torched my eye, took weeks to recover.

    Last Library Book Checked Out: The 110th volume of "SpaceAde for Modern Times".

    Last Movie Seen In a Theatre: I know you humans line up for those ridiculous fictional stories. Too bad you don't have a holographic p-brane reflectoplasm monitor so you can see what is REALLY going on in the multiverse, like I can! I would be hanging by my fingernails over this Sith thing if I had fingernails. But it is happening in a parallel universe where time runs backwards, so I don't expect you to understand.

    Last Book Read: The 109th volume of "SpaceAde for Modern Times".

    Last Cuss Word Uttered: Geeblegunk. You've no idea what I risked, uttering that word as I faced the baby star. I could have been imprisoned in a black hole for a quantum second for that. However, you humans have no idea what that is, so I can say it freely around you. Geeblegunk! haha! Geeblegunk!

    Last Beverage Drank: SpaceAde.

    Last Food Consumed: Groundhog, stolen from Earth.

    Last Phone Call: I prank called Fox Mulder a few years ago. He went crazy trying to track that call down. *giggling*

    Last TV Show Watched: I don't have a tv, but I hear that Jack Bauer lived. I would hate to be in a ball park and see him in the crowd vending beer... *ahem* if I were human, that is. He is a tad frightening in his intensity.

    Last Shoes Worn: hQmx's. He didn't know.

    Last CD Played: I left my cd's on Earth! *sobbing* I bought all these great cd's of the Tibetan Monks and Kodo Drummers while I was vacationing, and I lost them when I was thrown into jail. *sniff*

    Last Thing Written: Today's lab notes about the current status of electrons in double thick spaceade shakes. We've been tracking them for several days now and have discovered that they are sending messages of hope and peace throughout the galaxy as part of an elaborate plot to subdue all radiation to their will.

    Last Words Spoken: I actually haven't spoken aloud in several days. Oh, wait. I do remember muttering, "MMM, this is fabulous!" when that first bite of groundhog hit my mouth.

    Last Sleep: When I fainted upon finding sploit had destroyed my sock collection.

    Last IM: IM'ing is a natural part of my brain network. I'm very good at instantly contacting my lab partners anywhere in the galaxy without accidently ordering breadsticks. This is why the word Geeblegunk is so bad. It tends to divert IM's into the subzone and suddenly society falls apart. Never say Geeblegunk aloud.

    Last Ice Cream Eaten: You humans are so odd.

    Last Time Wanting to Die: Only once in my life have I ever wished for death, and that was when I was stuck in a Sims game for 3 weeks and couldn't find a way out.

    Last Lipstick: I'm not sure what I have qualifies as lips.

    Last Time Dancing: Constantly.

    Last Show Attended: If you've never seen a nebula burst, I cannot even begin to describe how cool that was. I wore my 3D glasses.

    Last Big Car Ride: What is this obsession with cars? Get flying saucers! They're a blast.

    Last Crush: Nevermind, she left when I ate the groundhog.

    Last Annoyance: Cheetos... Socks... The mess was very annoying.

    Last Dissapointment: The spaceade was drunk up as well.

    Last Shirt Worn: Always a silver jumpsuit. Always. Well, ok. When I went on vacation, I wore a Hawaiian shirt.

    Last Web Site Visited: I am terrified of these things, I'm afraid I'll get sucked in like I did the Sims game.

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  • You had ground hog for dinner and didn't invite me over?  Hey, that sock closet was not easy to reorganize!  And I had to put up with bWxl.  Nobody warned me he had split-split personalities!

  • You've been Tagged.  See my site for details.

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