January 6, 2005

  • *thumbing through experiment notes...*

    Ah, a random anomoly to study!  I may need your help.  I was superadjusting my p-brane reflector and found myself in a house with spinning green diadems floating above people's heads.  Spacetime ran at a 39 degree angle, and the language they spoke was unlike any I've heard so far on your earth.  Could I possibly have overshot into a parallel universe?  I was so certain I had adjusted the reflector dial to be looking over your shoulder, but I didn't see you anywhere at all.  I'm currently attempting to readjust, but I find myself hopping in and out of bathtubs and washing dishes against my will.  Do you know anything about this???

    Posted 1/4/2005 at 5:54 PM by mRpl


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    Were they fighting?  If they were randomly jabbing eachother with their fingers then you wondered upon my secret universe.

    Posted 1/5/2005 at 6:48 PM by random_inigma


    Yes! They were doing precisely that! Your secret universe... Did you create these people to jab each other like that? *ow!* What does it all mean? *ow!* Can they possibly avoid my eye? I'm trying to use it. *ow!* I must speak with you about further experimentation. I usually don't interact with my subjects as the p-brane reflector is merely that; a frequency reflector. I locate electron spins and zoom in. However, this, um, 'universe' somehow seems to be overlapping mine holographically. I am postulating that the electron spins don't comprise an actual three dimensional spacetime, but some sort of etheral plane of no substance. How, then, can these people be poking me in the eye??? *ow!* Posted 1/6/2005 at 9:17 AM by mRpl

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  • I could look for your data stream and try to delete it and see if you can get out that way...  One way to get out (possibly) is to find a telescope and use it a lot at night.  That's how Sims get abducted and then are never seen again.  Perhaps you could escape that way if you are unwilling to risk the possible consequences of the delete button.

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